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Meet the President – Stephanie Hojan (Part 1)

Join Stephanie, along with HSi CEO, Gerry Bartley, and HSi EVP, Scott Generazo, as we take a three-part journey to look at Stephanie’s background with HSi and the healthcare IT industry, her thoughts on client relationships and the evolving healthcare industry, and finally, her insights into the importance of Leadership and Team.  This week we’ll start getting to know Stephanie better by digging into her background story!
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Spotlight Series – March 2022

Healthcare organizations are facing a constantly shifting technological landscape. As a result, IT and networking staff are simply overwhelmed with increasing demands. While certain priorities can be flexible, many critical issues must be handled right away to ensure daily operations continue to run smoothly. Mark Johnson, one of HSi’s Senior Network Engineers, uses his 30 years’ experience to help us explore what an external network engineering consultant can bring to a healthcare organization and how partnering with a consultant, like Mark Johnson, can benefit your hospital or health system.


Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series – December 2021

This month we shift our focus of HSi’s Spotlight Series from the value our featured employee brings to the client to the unique perspective of a new consultant. Ian Hungarter recently joined the consulting world, looking for fresh opportunities and a place to grow.

Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series – October 2021

Data extraction can feel overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be either.  Whether your extractions are for regulatory requirements, financial analysis, clinical analysis, or third-party requirements, having the right strategies and mindset can make all the difference.  Our in-house data extraction specialist, John Kershaw, shares insights he has gained from nearly a decade successfully helping clients define and create the extracts they need.

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Spotlight Series – August 2021

Just over a year ago, Health Systems Informatics added wireless in-building networking to its core services. Jason Hawley, HSi’s vice president of this business unit discusses the new healthcare service offering and what clients can expect moving forward…


Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series – July 2021

As many organizations begin to refresh and reenergize postponed plans, they are checking their lists twice to ensure old processes are still viable.  HSi’s Executive Vice President, Scott Generazo, steps in to discuss HSi’s take on the situation and how consultants can make a difference. 


Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series – June 2021

Striving to get the maximum value of your organization’s EHR data is a common goal.  Jason Hughes brings more than a decade of experience in the field to elaborate on the niche of 3rd party vendor files, setting the client team up for success, and the benefits a consultant brings to the group.


Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series – May 2021

Epic Beaker implementation takes a lot of intention to get it to work optimally for its end-users. With experience in the lab as a Medical Technologist and having worked directly with Epic’s developers to build seamless and safe workflows reflecting the complicated aspect of tissue and specimen collection, Lakin has a passion for improving and refining the work completed within the lab. Here she shares that passion, emphasizing accuracy and risk mitigation strategies to successfully integrate Beaker into health systems

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