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Meet the President – Stephanie Hojan (Part 1)


Join us on a 3-part journey to learn more about HSi’s new President, Stephanie Hojan

Join Stephanie, along with HSi CEO, Gerry Bartley, and HSi EVP, Scott Generazo, as we take a three-part journey to look at Stephanie’s background with HSi and the healthcare IT industry, her thoughts on client relationships and the evolving healthcare industry, and finally, her insights into the importance of Leadership and Team.  This week we’ll start getting to know Stephanie better by digging into her backstory!

Watch the video or read the conversation below:

Q: Health Systems Informatics (HSi) has been highly regarded as a premier healthcare information services consulting, technology, and EHR support provider for over a quarter century. Steph, how does your professional background integrate into the longstanding history of this organization??

STEPHANIE:  First, I have “grown up” in this organization. Starting at our precursor company, HIA, almost 18 years ago as a consultant, I have learned the ropes of the business by the examples set from our initial founders. I have learned many lessons over the years, have immense pride in the organization and the tremendous people here, and will continue to lead our organization by staying true to the value system that has kept us in business for over 30 years.

Q:  Gerry, in her new role as HSi President, what leadership, guidance, and support qualities does Stephanie Hojan provide to HSi as it continues its impressive longevity as a premier healthcare systems consulting and technology services provider? 

GERRY:  Stephanie brings extraordinary skills to the role of HSi President, including, strategic thinking, critical path logic, respect by peers and subordinates, and the ability to organize for effectiveness and efficiency.

Q:  Gerry Bartley has been at the helm of HSi as Chairman and CEO since its onset. Stephanie, as you have worked with him in an employee, as well as, in a leadership capacity, what are two of the most prominent lessons learned from him about the management of a company and why?

STEPHANIE:  Gerry is always teaching you something – either directly or indirectly. I would say the two that ring the loudest to me every day are: 1) take care of your people; and, 2) don’t lose focus on who we are as a business.

Taking care of our people in the services business is critical. Our people are responsible for service delivery and if we do not take care of them like we would want to be treated, they certainly will not take care of our customers.

The second one is about not getting distracted by the new bells and whistles of what our industry has to offer. It is about making sure we remember the value of relationships and the consistent skills for which we are known. By staying true to both, we can navigate changes in the evolving healthcare industry.

Join us in December as our series continues and we turn our discussion to client relationships and the continually changing healthcare industry!


Part 2 of our series getting to know HSi President, Stephanie Hojan is live!  Read the next installment to get Stephanie’s take on building strong client relationships and HSi’s place in the healthcare IT industry: Meet the President – Stephanie Hojan (Part 2) 

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