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Meet the President – Stephanie Hojan (Part 2)


Our journey to learn more about HSi’s new President, Stephanie Hojan, continues…

Stephanie Hojan continues the conversation as we get to know her a little better as HSi’s new president. In this second part of our series, Stephanie shares her thoughts on client relationships and the evolving healthcare industry. Watch the video above or continue to read through the conversation below:

Q: Strength in client relationships and maintaining those relationships is an HSi core principle. As President, how do you intend to continue to grow and nurture client relationships to assure client and HSi success?

STEPHANIE:  There are several important ways I see to grow and nurture our client relationships. At the top of the list is personal contact with me directly. I want our customers to know I am available to them in addition to the consultants, salesperson, and account managers HSi provides. I also want to make sure my interaction with our clients is not just about “the sale”.

Understanding the dynamics of what is happening in their organizations and what they are trying to achieve is so much more important.

Additionally, I am collaborating with our team to enhance client administration and support processes to make it easier to do business with HSi. We want customer contacts to be more about how things are going and less about administrative paperwork and management issues.

Q:  HSi works with 3rd party vendors on behalf of our clients, as well as, internally. What is your goal in further enhancing those vendor relationships? 

STEPHANIE:  I would say there are two parts to my goal for enhancing our vendor relationships with 3rd parties. The first would be to proactively reach out to the ones we most commonly work with to build an understanding of the role we play for our mutual customers and find out how we can best work with them or enhance our relationship.

The second part is to identify additional vendors offering services of value to our clients who can be quickly positioned as needs arise. Having these bridges built early and in advance, could help everyone in the time required to deliver value on a project.

Q:  Healthcare is an ever-changing industry with regulatory requirements and guidelines continually added or updated, advances in patient care best practices, and hospital and clinic acquisitions and mergers occurring to name a few. How do you intend to keep HSi current in knowledge, as well as, flexible and adaptive to meet this rapid-paced marketplace evolution?

STEPHANIE:  The most important part is to make sure we are staying informed. By being involved with numerous professional associations and healthcare initiatives, HSi can be part of the discussion before any given evolution occurs or already be up-to-date as it is happening.

Additionally, it is about continuing to expand our organization’s network with key players in the industry and having strong advisory board members to help ensure HSi continues to be positioned to adjust to the changing marketplace.

Q: Healthcare consulting can be quite competitive with a wide range of companies and independent contractors vying for the next opportunity. How will you assure HSi remains at the top of its game, highly visible and the go-to company for healthcare consulting, technology and support resources?

STEPHANIE: It goes back to the fundamental teaching from Gerry – don’t lose focus of who we are as a business. By keeping our attention on our strengths and providing consistent, high-quality services for our client’s benefit, HSi will continue to build on our positive reputation in the industry.

Additionally, by making our consulting leaders available for conversations and general guidance via webinars and conferences, health systems will be given insight into some of the great people we employ and the exciting things we are doing here at HSi. We want to make sure everyone knows who HSi is, what it represents, and the value our organization brings to our clients.

Our series concludes in two weeks when HSi’s Executive Vice President, Scott Generazo, joins Stephanie in our discussion and we turn our discussion around the importance of Leadership and Team!

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