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Built on a foundation of robust and diverse healthcare talent and a “clients as partners” business philosophy, HSi was created to provide value and support in today’s ever-changing healthcare market. Not wanting to be everything to everybody, we remain focused on providing value-driven results in the following core services:

Executive Advisory Services

Vendor Selection Process Management

Risk Assessments of systems, staff, and process

Contract Review and Negotiation Assistance

Outsourcing vs. In-House Facilitation

Help Desk Support and Structure Evaluation

CIO Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide the technical leadership of healthcare organizations with an external, impartial advisor to guide leadership teams through difficult decisions they encounter – no matter the scope. Whether there is a need for assistance in contract review and negotiations, or providing an evaluation of help desk effectiveness, or anything in between, we are here to help you through your strategic activities.

EHR Implementation & Support

HSi Services EHR

Strategic Planning

Project & Change Management

Implementation Build & Support

Governance Setup & Management

­Systems & Process Optimization

Staff Augmentation

With over 30 years of experience, our consultants are able to provide proven expertise when it comes to implementing a new electronic health record system (EHR). We offer the highly skilled staff you need to guide and supplement your team to get the most out of your new EHR.

Clinical Informatics and Optimization

Strategic Services

Assessment & Prioritization

System & Process Workflow Redesign

EHR Build Modification & Testing

Customized Annual Support

Clinical Informatics Optimization

Projects can be complicated with expectations of significant organizational impact. Aligning and refining your chosen EHR with the necessary operational processes to improve workflows has its challenges. Our impartial expertise and leadership allow your organization to efficiently assess and optimize the best clinical practices across the board.

Project and Change Management

Project Change Management

Project Management Office Setup & Management

Change Management Leadership

Projects / Portfolio Management

Whether you are short staffed or need senior-level experienced project management HSi can fill the gap for technical projects of all sizes.

Data & Analytics

Requirements Gathering

Dashboard Development & Deployment

Report Development & Testing

Extract Design & Development

Reporting Operations & Strategy

Data analytics

The complexity of healthcare data is vast. Because of our extensive experience, we are skilled in rapidly extracting data with numerous technologies and converting it to actionable information, providing a quicker turnaround to improve processes and maximize effectiveness.

Supplemental Support

Supplemental Support

Community Connect Related Services

At-the-Elbow Support

Data Abstraction


Administrative Project Support

Legacy Support

With the many pieces and parts of large projects, HSi offers robust talent to provide necessary skills to help fill gaps that may arise.  Having knowledge of numerous EHR systems and other critical business applications, our team members are ready to assist wherever you need an extra helping hand. We help clients keep their focus forward by supporting the gaps.

Technology Solutions

Cellular Assessment & Design

Broadband Mobile Cellular Connections

­Enhanced Network Capacity

Improved Wireless Connections

Network Administrations

Infrastructure Engineering Services

Voice / Video over IP

Technology Solutions

Healthcare professionals depend on reliable cellular and WiFi networks. An unreliable connection is not only frustrating but could interrupt care coordination and communication with staff, patients, and loved ones. We design, implement, maintain, and support health-grade in-building cellular and WiFi network infrastructure to keep you connected.

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