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For 25 years we’ve provided top healthcare providers with:

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Every decision a hospital makes, from vendor selection to clinical optimization and everything in between, affects patients. For 25 years, HSi has partnered with the most prestigious healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality healthcare consulting services and solutions with maximum value while improving process and patient outcomes.

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Who is HSi?

About Us

CIO Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide the technical leadership of healthcare organizations with an external, impartial advisor to guide leadership teams through every decision they encounter - no matter the scope. Whether there is a need for assistance in contract review and negotiations, or providing an evaluation of help desk effectiveness, or anything in between, we are here to help you through your strategic activities when you need us.

EHR Implementation

With over 25 years of experience, our consultants are able to provide proven solutions and advice when it comes to implementing a new electronic health record system (EHR). As an objective third party guiding our clients through the selection process, we make sure the chosen system is the best fit for the organization and its goals.

EHR Optimization

Large projects are complicated with expectations of significant organizational impact. Aligning, and refining, your chosen EHR with the necessary operational processes to improve workflows has its challenges. Our impartial expertise and leadership allow your organization to efficiently assess and optimize the best clinical practices across the board.

Revenue Cycle Management

To achieve the anticipated outcomes of an EHR, as an open-minded external resource, our ability to efficiently and effectively review the components of an organization's revenue cycle EHR configuration and supporting processes make our consultants a great asset for organizations.

Data & Analytics

The complexity of every EHR’s data is vast. Because of our extensive experience, we are skilled in rapidly extracting data with numerous technologies converting it to actionable information, providing a quicker turnaround to improve processes and maximize effectiveness.

Legacy Support

As subject matter experts of the previous EHR, your voice is critical in implementing the new system. Through Legacy Support, we free up key internal resources so you can focus on learning the new EHR while we maintain the old system(s).

HSi Technology Solutions

Distributed antenna systems are becoming increasingly more important features as more and more users depend on them for better coverage and connectivity. HSi provides network innovation solutions from DAS installation to wireless design services to in-building cellular enhancements - we are here for all your wireless connectivity needs.

Minimize Costs While Maximizing Results

We are proud to support healthcare organizations of all sizes

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Reality Of Adding Hospitals To An Existing EHR System

Growing a healthcare organization beyond its original boundaries is an exciting undertaking, and the challenges it presents to the IT department can be overwhelming!

We’ve gained the trust of healthcare leaders across the country