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An Introduction to HSi


At HSi, we understand in any long-lasting relationship, trust has to be built. Part of building that trust is understanding who someone is, what they do, and how they accomplish it. You may go to our website and see we are a healthcare IT consulting firm working closely with healthcare organization leadership seeking continual advancement in patient care through the enhancement of their technology systems and processes. This is an accurate statement, but it still leaves the question: how do we do this better than anyone else?

To answer this, let’s begin by taking a quick look at our history.

Who We Are

In 1992, a company called Health Informatics Associates (HIA) was formed. As part of the company’s growth journey and operational evolution,  HSi would be born 2 short decades later. Many former HIA employees and clients decided to take part in the newly formed business. We have always felt their commitment spoke volumes to the quality of customer service HSi was founded on and still focuses on today.

With over 30 years of experience, our team has advised and rolled up our sleeves with healthcare customers across the nation to implement value-added services and solutions built to have an unmatched impact on their organization as a whole. We have worked with a diverse range of organizations like ambulatory clinics, critical access hospitals, acquisitions, large academic institutions, and health systems of all sizes. We have had the incredible opportunity to work with healthcare organizations across the United States, establishing a presence in almost every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. It has been an honor to work with these organizations to provide the right resources for their projects. 

Working for You

So, let’s dive into some of the nitty gritty. With a commitment to high-quality customer service and a long resume of providing resources for organizations, we now come to what we do for our clients and how we accomplish it. 

For specific engagements, such as vendor selections, we utilize a proprietary methodology that allows organizations to make a well-informed decision, encompassing a multitude of factors when selecting a new Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Some of these include functional requirements, the strength of demonstrations, end-to-end integration, and total cost of ownership, just to name a few.

When providing this service, you will always be in good hands. High-level HSi executives with over 30 years of experience will be the ones initiating the project.  They then assign senior-level HSi team members as project managers, analysts, and support to execute the implementation while still providing executive oversight. This ensures your project is on track and your organization is receiving exactly what you are expecting.  As we guide organizations through vendor selection, implementation, and the optimization process, we can provide legacy support on the system being replaced, which will free up key members of the organization’s staff to focus on their new technology.

In addition to activities around the EHR, infrastructure is also a key element we consider. Many organizations we work with are running outdated infrastructure components for their wireless and local area network. HSi can help assess, make recommendations, and remediate archaic technologies to enhance your experience using the EHR and tertiary software.

Last but not least, HSi will ensure strong change management and governance programs are established at the beginning of these endeavors to ensure success going forward.

Start to Finish Support

We lean into our core values – establishing, maintaining, and expanding upon all relationships within the organization. We strive to do the right things at all times for our clients and for our people, which speaks to our integrity and quality of work, something we take pride in. We want to over-deliver on every occasion; this means we not only work with you at the start of a project, but we continue walking with you through the end and stay in contact beyond the close of the project.

By taking this approach as a partner to the organizations we serve, we are offering a one-stop shop for all the infrastructure and EHR needs you may have. We bring in the right expertise throughout the entire project to ensure success.

Whether you’re implementing a new EHR, embracing new organizational workflows, or utilizing new technology, we know that for some, it can be a welcome change, and for others, it can be a daunting adjustment. This is exactly why we are here. To support you in the midst of these changes that are ultimately working to improve your organization as a whole. Our advisory services are designed to help you make the decisions that matter most, ensuring that they are backed up by accurate data and analytics.

We are committed to using our years of experience to walk alongside your team and create viable processes, setting your organization up for success. From day one to the final day of implementation and beyond, we are there to offer support and guidance as you change the way you do healthcare for the betterment of your patients.

Minimize costs while maximizing results.

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