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Meet the President – Stephanie Hojan (Part 3)


Wrapping up our journey of learning more about HSi’s new President, Stephanie Hojan

This week we’ll conclude our exciting journey to learn more about HSi’s new President, Stephanie Hojan.  We are joined by HSi’s Executive Vice President, Scott Generazo as we discuss the importance of Leadership, the value of Team, and how those two pieces meld together to bring HSi into a bright future. Watch the video above or continue to read through the conversation below:

Q: In her new role as HSi President, what leadership, guidance, and support qualities does Stephanie Hojan provide to HSi as it continues its impressive longevity as a premier healthcare systems consulting and technology services provider?

SCOTT:  As a leader, Stephanie has great instincts into the ebb and flow of both the operational side of the business and the human side.  She consistently demonstrates excellent judgment with operational decisions and has increased efficiencies across the board over the past few years.

Never one to settle, Steph is always looking for ways to improve herself, our company, and our culture.  Her approach to her job and how she conducts herself has contributed to the success and growth of our company.

Q:  Companies, in general, traditionally talk about the importance of team. HSi has always been committed to “our team” and the growth of our HSi family. What does leading a team mean to you and how will you expand the concept of “team” as the company continues to develop? 

STEPHANIE:  Leading means being available, able to guide, make tough decisions when necessary, and challenge our people to grow and flourish into the best version of themselves. Additionally, we will continue to encourage all our leaders to “roll up their sleeves” to do what needs to be done and lead by example.

As for expanding the concept of team, it is about building on our foundation of being organizationally “flat” with everyone always accessible regardless of title; and, making sure everyone feels connected to the organization even though virtual.

Q:  To expand upon the previous question a bit further, HSi’s employees are instrumental to the success of our clients and the company. What are your expectations of HSi employees and how will you keep them proactively engaged in the company?

STEPHANIE:  My expectations – this is a great question! It comes down to the fundamental philosophy every person working for HSi needs to remember — they represent every other person working here. We expect them to do their best which is demonstrated by their work ethic, exceptional service delivery, operating with integrity, and a level of professionalism that reflects positively on every HSi associate. HSi wants employees to not only meet the needs of their customers, both internal and external, but exceed them.

It is also important to make note of what we DO NOT expect from our employees. We do not expect them to be perfect, to know everything, or to be able to do it all. We are a team here and it is ok to say ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I think I made a mistake,’ and ‘I need help.’ By engaging with our team as people first and acknowledging the aspects of life coming into our professional space, it allows our team to connect and work together in what we see as a differentiator from other organizations.

Q: One last question. What does the future of HSi look like in the next 5 years? In other words, where do you want to take HSi on its future journey?

STEPHANIE: HSi’s future looks very bright and I am fortunate to be taking on this role in our current trend of significant growth. In the next 5 years, I see HSi as a larger organization with a strong project management and clinical informatics consulting presence while continuing to support organizations with build analysts and data resources.

Supplementing it, I see our technology solutions group rounding out the table with our healthcare clientele as we bring the mix of infrastructure, clinical, and project management expertise to major client initiatives. Most importantly, HSi will be a leading consulting firm offering a dynamic, yet unique, set of expertise for organizations to leverage for their clinical and business technology objectives.

Thank you for joining us as we met with new HSi President Stephanie Hojan, CEO, Gerry Bartley, and Executive Vice President, Scott Generazo. Over the past several weeks we have looked at Stephanie’s background with HSi and the healthcare IT industry, her thoughts on client relationships and the evolving healthcare industry, and today, her insights into the importance of Leadership and Team.  We look forward to the positive changes Stephanie is sure to bring to HSi in the new year and beyond!

Reach out to Stephanie and the team to learn more about HSi and how we can partner with you at

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