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Talk from the Top

Talk from the Top-November 2020

The reality of bringing in an external consultant means making a financial commitment to leverage the resource effectively while also being fiscally responsible.  Frequently, clients see the consultant as a designated means to complete a particular project or objective.  HSi sees it a little differently.

Talk from the Top

Talk from the Top-November 2018

Governance – the word by itself seems harmless enough.  However, many healthcare organizations do not put governance in place and for many making the attempt, they struggle to integrate it effectively into their organizations. HSi offers three tips to help your organization implement governance effectively.

Talk from the Top

Talk from the Top-July 2018

Big Capabilities with a Boutique Feel —
Good business is about strong relationships between organizations working together towards a mutual goal. When the CEO of your contracted consulting company is your organization’s personal consultant, there isn’t a stronger representation of an organization’s commitment to you.

Talk from the Top

Talk from the Top-March 2018

Are Your Consultants Also Advisors?
In the realm of information technology and operational business support, healthcare organizations can find themselves challenged with identifying consultants who are also sound advisory partners.

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