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Talk from the Top-July 2018


Big Capabilities with a Boutique Feel

Good business is about strong relationships between organizations working together towards a mutual goal. When the CEO of your contracted consulting company is your organization’s personal consultant, there isn’t a stronger representation of an organization’s commitment to you.  At HSi, our CEO, Gerry Bartley, frequently is consulting with our customers.  Serving as an objective party to discuss organizational vision and setting direction for IT, the opportunity to consult allows Gerry to help make a difference with our clients at the top.

In talking with Gerry, he believes the benefits to our HSi customers are numerous. “The hands-on approach of HSi’s extended leadership team is demonstrative of our commitment to our clients, ensuring the deliverables we have been contracted to perform are attained.  We are adding an additional set of eyes to watch over their project and we can approach client leadership to proactively manage issues and address scope changes.  We understand the client’s workload and with our partnership, we are an extra set of hands to help them be successful.”

The types of consulting roles HSi leadership frequently are involved with are some of the tasks difficult to perform objectively when managed by internal personnel.  Specifically, the list includes items such as staffing assessments, IT effectiveness reviews, budget planning, and staffing transition plan development.  By getting HSi involved, clients can either confirm what they believe they already know or get the hard facts to dispute their belief from someone with no skin in the game.  HSi can also provide input into what other hospitals have done to handle similar situations and provide additional options to consider to the organization’s benefit.

As there are many consulting companies out there, Gerry continued the conversation regarding the HSi Difference.  “HSi contracts for specific deliverables with a start and end date and we measure ourselves against those.  We provide weekly status reporting with issues and action items to give as much transparency into a project to client sponsors as possible.  Most importantly, we provide onsite in-person meetings with our client; we want them to have more than a name to call if an issue arises–we want a face to go with it.  We want our clients to know their concerns are the personal concerns of HSi leadership, too.”

Nothing tells HSi’s story better than a quote from Norm Gruber –

As the retired CEO of Salem Health in Oregon, I have experienced firsthand the exceptional expertise provided by Gerry Bartley and his associates. There is no substitute in being able to deal directly with the principles of a boutique firm, such as HSi, compared to many large consulting firms where one often interfaces with far less experienced and competent consultants.  The straight forward and honest relationship is second to none.

With a hands-on team and the responsibility for a client’s project and success running from the very top of the company to the consultant with boots on the ground, HSi’s commitment to its customers is not your typical consulting experience.  HSi leaders are part of the contracting process and are some of the key personnel at a client’s disposal for their input and advice into the challenges the organization is facing.  As a 100% referenceable consulting company, HSi prides itself in maintaining positive relationships with its clients for the long-term.  It is this approach and culture of doing business that gives HSi the unique capacity to deliver big capabilities with a boutique feel, supporting our client’s success.

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