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Deeper Look – August 2020: HSi Summer Learning Series


More than an Educational Offering – A Demonstration in Character & Caring

Proud parents show pictures of their children.  Companies proclaim their business successes via press releases. Here at HSi, we found a slightly different way to demonstrate our pride in the immense talent working as part of the HSi family supporting our organization, each other, and our clients.  In addition to holding our first ever Virtual Open House in May of this year, we extended it into our Summer Learning Series running on eight Fridays from the end of June through the end of August.

Spreading a wealth of knowledge on industry topics and trends to a diverse audience, the topics were meant to potentially provide a little something for everyone within a healthcare organization.  The first seven weeks covered the various views “from the trenches” on key topics in the industry in this unprecedented time.  With the first week’s presentation talking about Recruitment and Management of a Virtual Workforce going on to topics including Managing the Regulatory Changes in Today’s Environment, perspectives on Telemedicine and where it is going, Clinical Informatics Teams of the Future, and the need for Governance and Project Portfolio Management as we all prepare for the Unknown, HSi’s expertise of the latest and greatest were on full display.  Supplementing operational activity-related subjects, HSi offered two technical sessions on Advancements in Remote Patient Monitoring and In-Building Wireless Solutions to round out the series.  Closing out the run, was the executive perspectives from HSi on each of these topics and how we have seen them evolve in the industry, where we see them going, and how to maximize the value of each initiative.

With participation from a wide array of organizations and varying from week to week, it was interesting to see the levels of interest from so many different roles within organizations.  From the C-Suite to students and everyone in between, attendees had very different perspectives they were bringing to each presentation.  This variation was seen in the types of questions asked and the comments received following each session.  From HSi’s own EVP, Scott Generazo, “By leveraging the incredible expertise our consultants have in a wide variety of areas, we hope that those who attended can utilize the knowledge gained to better serve their organizations.”

If I were to pinpoint one thing I was most gratified seeing during this series was our team members and how they rose to the challenge. When we held our Virtual Open House, we threw them into this virtual presentation platform and asked them to present a quick 15 minutes of their knowledge on the hot topics of the day.  Less than two months later, we came back and asked them to not only extend their topics to a full hour conversation, but also update their content.  In some cases, they were full rewrites of their presentations.  Our employees demonstrated the leaders they are by stepping up, being willing to try something they had not done before and gave it their best shot.  With their giving hearts and strong desire to help anyone willing to listen to their messages, they did it.  No one just dialed it in – it was done with great spirit and intent laying out their expertise on these critical, timely topics.  Their willingness to share their experiences and put all of it into practical terms for others to learn from and possibly leverage within their own organizations, it was a testament to their character and an inherent desire to help others.

As this pandemic continues to unfold, with many client relationships transitioning to virtual interaction instead of in-person and business practices continue to evolve, HSi will continue to be here for our customers and our industry like we have for the last 25+ years.  Standing strong with this great team of people and their vast expertise in our ranks, our team will offer whatever we can to help those in our communities – whether it is the immediate needs and knowledge we have to offer or that extra set of helping hands.  A big thank you to all of those who participated live or went back to view to the recordings.  I hope you saw some of the great things I did and HSi looks forward to offering additional educational sessions in the future.


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