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The Challenge

Our client, a leading multi-facility enterprise, is a participating organization with the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR). Specifically, the organization submits data to the NCDR CathPCI Registry which assesses the characteristics, treatments and outcomes of cardiac disease patients who receive diagnostic catheterization and/or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures. Prior to the electronic health record (EHR) implementation and Go-Live, collection of PCI data occurred through a series of legacy extracts. However, with an enterprise reporting team focused on new system support, a solution and resources were needed to recreate the required CathPCI extracts to maintain NCDR accreditation.

The Solution

HSi provided a site manager and a seasoned clinical informaticist to work in close collaboration with the IT report development team to recreate the CathPCI extracts using EHR system data. Partnering with the Cardiology Clinical Content Lead, data mapping was completed for eight separate files, which included data for patient demographics, provider and facility characteristics, patient history/risk factors, cardiac status, treatments, intracoronary device utilization and adverse event rates, and compliance with NCDR clinical guidelines. Once development was completed and the files validated, the data was passed from the EHR system into the legacy system to “join” with the historic data resulting in provision of the final file to accomplish submission of the data to NCDR. Following successful test runs, the entire process was automated along with automatic error checking, which was required due to the variances in chart documentation.

The Benefit

Following the Go-Live of the CathPCI extracts, the organization was able to reduce the amount of time providers spent manually entering data while also improving the accuracy of the data by eliminating reentry of procedure information. It was now being extracted directly from the EHR system. In addition, the extracts better equipped our client to submit data to the NCDR, and regional and state audit programs required for participating CathPCI organizations.

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