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The Challenge

Our client, a large academic medical center, identified 78 necessary data extracts of various sizes needed for maintaining the continuity of a nationally-recognized, homegrown reporting system. The system, a web-based application, included a data warehouse providing patient-level data which allowed users access to reports on quality, performance and patient satisfaction. With staff having only minimal training in the new EHR system and no system access pre-Go-Live, the process to create the data extracts appeared to be a rather unwieldy endeavor with an impending deadline that couldn’t be met.

The Solution

HSi provided a site manager and a team of highly experienced data developers, with a focus in the new EHR system, to work in close collaboration with the manager and analysts of the 3rd party reporting system. Utilizing the business knowledge of the data analysts in partnership with the extensive knowledge of the HSi team, data mapping was rapidly completed for each of the extracts. Oversight and continuity of approaches were managed by the HSi site manager and the client manager. Once the data mappings were completed following the client’s reporting team standards, the HSi developers wrote the necessary extracts and worked with analyst counterparts to accomplish the appropriate testing. Through a series of data validation sessions, revisions were made and confirmed with test data. After Go-Live, additional sessions were held to continue the process of providing the best data to meet the organization’s needs.

The Benefit

At the time of Go-Live, the client was able to comfortably produce 70% of the organizational metrics available prior to the EHR system implementation. At the onset of the project, it was anticipated this number would be 50% or less due to the complexity of the logic required and the differences in the meaning of data between old and new systems. Within six months of Go-Live, the percentage had reached over 85%. In addition, the client data analysts were provided with a team of people to help accelerate learning of the new EHR system’s data structures and how the system worked.

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